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Carbonite IONOX F Stainless Steel Countertop Water Filter

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 Carbonite IONOX F Stainless Steel Countertop Water Filter Neptuno design with stand

Carbonit_Wasserfilter_SanUno_Ionox_F_mit Fuß_EdelstahlEdles design filter housing from German production
The Neptuno case is made of high quality drinking water standard corresponding V4A stainless steel. All threaded parts are CNC machined and precisely. The sealing rings correspond to the KTW and FDA Norm.Carbonit SanUno design
The filter cartridge goes without tools in seconds. Simply turn the adjusting ring, slightly turn the bayonet lock to the right and you can remove the cover and the filter cartridge. A carbonite NFP Premium is included in the delivery contains.
Carbonite SanUno design TeileDie sealing is performed by a specially developed Klemmschraubverfahren. At the outlet is screwed by default a cap with M22x1 thread. It can thus be Wasserverwirbler with standard M22x1 internal thread connected directly.
Due to the water outlet at the highest point of the housing overrun is reduced in comparison to other types. The Rückverkeimungsgefahr is thereby also reduced. The case stands on a pedestal being fitted with anti slip ring.
The Neptuno can be good and hygienically clean with its Edelstahlober- and inner surfaces
The Neptuno is directly connected with the included switching valve and the faucet instead of the previous flow regulator (M24x1 thread). You can then just when lever position as usual unfiltered water z. B. use for rinsing and enjoy the filtered water from the Neptuno at oblique lever position
Technical data:
Weight: 2.3 kg -Material: stainless steel V4A (all water-bearing housing parts), the switching valve on the water faucet is chrome plated brass, threaded parts are CNC machined
Size: Height without outlet pipe approximately 320mm, fitted with outlet pipe approximately 460mm diameter at the widest part of the foot: 115mm (specifications are subject to change without notice)
Can be used with all carbonite cartridges spout with M22 thread, so with our Wasserwirblern easily combined.
As for all Countertop water filter applies: Do not use non-pressurized boilers behind!
Usable carbonite filter cartridges (a NFP NFP Premium cartridge CCarbonit contain Premiumist included, but can be exchanged for an additional charge):
In all carbonite filter inserts are very powerful products from German production.
The main difference lies in the flow rate and the required line pressure.
Do you value comfort or live in your household more than two people, then we recommend the PURO filter cartridge. At elevated lead and copper levels in the water of PREMIUM filter cartridge is particularly useful because it possesses due to its higher carbon content greater capacity for heavy metals.
User manual carbonite SanUno design
Auftischfilter SANUNO inox S standard with foot
Countertop with a CARBONIT cartridge for connection to the outlet of the regular water tap (kitchen faucet). With special switching valve and adapter for internal thread. That Point-of-use filtration in the kitchen. If the lever on the diverter valve is actuated, the tap water flows through the filter and enters the separate filter effluent from the collection.
Here you will find a special, high-quality housing as flashy "design variant" in stainless steel.
Ready for installation, filter units for immediate connection. Countertop water filters for the production of purified drinking water at the sampling point. Very suitable for the preparation of beverages, cooking water etc .. use for drinking water only. Accordingly, only suitable for cold water operation.
The housing is made of high quality drinking water standard corresponding stainless steel (V4A) and is even made. The tubing (in gray) from the filter to the diverter faucet is made of unplasticized silicone.
Weight (dry): 2.9 kg / (2.7 kg)
Filter unit without connections (W x H x D): 199 x 390 (374) x 93 (88)
Length of the connecting tube: 90 cm.
If the water pressure of 4 bar:
about 120 liters per hour with the NFP Premium 9 (as standard)
Housing, spout, lid and Fußblende stainless steel 1.4541; inner bottom and outlet caps POM
use instructions
- Connection to standard kitchen faucet with external thread (M22x1) with the included special
   Diverter valve (an adapter for valves with internal thread M24x1 is also included)
- Do not operate behind unpressurized boiler!
- Do not connect to a shower faucet!
- Operate only with cold water! Protect from frost.
filter cartridges
- All CARBONIT and Alvito standard cartridges (. 9 3/4 '', max 76 mm diameter) fit
- Standard: NFP Premium 9
SanUno Stainless Steel Water Filter Datasheet
SanUno stainless steel water filter user manual
SanUno Stainless Steel Water Filter Parts Drawing
Carbonite IONOX F Stainless Steel Countertop Water Filter Carbonite IONOX F Stainless Steel Countertop Water Filter Carbonite IONOX F Stainless Steel Countertop Water Filter Carbonite IONOX F Stainless Steel Countertop Water Filter Carbonite IONOX F Stainless Steel Countertop Water Filter

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