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Carbonit Lime Filter

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  • Improve the taste of cold and hot beverages (especially flavor improvement of coffee and tea), protects against calcification Appliances and support the preparation of healthy meals
  • for water filtration in the kitchen before removal (point of use), primarily in the devices SANUNO and VARIO-HP


  • combined activated carbon ion exchange resin cartridge
  • combines the special properties of a sintered activated carbon block with a water softening by ion exchange resin
  • the ion exchange resin initially reduced the total hardness of the water, the downstream carbon block (10 microns) removes dissolved pollutants, odor and taste impairments as well as particle size to 10 microns
  • the silver coating of activated carbon ensures hygienic safety


  • Length 9 3/4 ''; Dimensions: d = 76 mm, L = 250 mm
  • more details see documents


  • depending on the hardness of raw water and bypass setting, see data sheet
  • yes according to water hardness up to 1,900 l (5-10 ° dH) or 450 l (11-25 ° dH) Tool life accessible
  • Filter cartridge must be replaced when the kalktypischen phenomena such as tea cream, aroma loss or lime deposits on surfaces occur again
  • according to DIN 1988 is a change after 6 months required
  • Flow rate:      1.9 l / min (at 4 bar line pressure)
  • Grade of filtration: 10 microns



Use instructions:

  • For use only with cold water, protect from frost.
  • Setting on the hardness of the water input via bypass holes ( see operating instructions )
  • for measuring the hardness input is the cartridge strips at
  • the flow rate of the cartridge is restricted to 1.9 l / min (4 bar) in order to ensure a sufficient contact time of the water with the ion exchange resin has an optimum hardness reducing
  • the Enthärtungswirkung is clearly measurable using low cost commercially available metrology
  • the cartridge is used only once and we disposed of in normal household waste
  • as input water may only be used in potable water
  • the silver coating of activated carbon ensures hygienic safety, but is not a microbiological barrier
  • Note: Entkalkungslösungen with bacteria barrier are serial devices available as double (DUO-HP)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         

Filter Equipment:

     • Can be used in all CARBONIT filter devices VARIO-HP and SANUNO

     • the compact lime please do not use in DUO-HP devices!


Carbonit Lime Filter

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Carbonit Lime Filter is rated 5 of 5 stars by 3 buyers.
  • super Qualität 5 of 5 stars! (04.08.2016 09:39)
  • Geschmack ist gut. Wasserhärte noch nicht getestet. 5 of 5 stars! (13.03.2015 07:52)
  • Wir verwenden den Kalk Kompaktfilter im Sanuno für Wasser das wir zum Herstellen von Speisen und Getränken nehmen weil wir sehr Kalkhaltiges Wasser haben. 5 of 5 stars! (18.10.2014 06:25)

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