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Alvito Easy Helix Water Purifier

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with Alvito cartridge:
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Primus SD  ArtNr.:  311   on stock on stock   + 39,90 EUR
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The Waterfilter is easily installed by replacing the flow regulator on the water faucet. With the small lever on the diverter valve, you select whether the water - as usual - comes unfiltered from the tap, or is passed to the filter. The filter system is easy to install and therefore traveling or camping, a practical and reliable companion. This filter allows you to enjoy the freedom of being able to put together your drinking water filters that fit your needs.

Product feature:
- Portable water filter, ready for connection (no plumbing required)
- Can easily be connected by replacing the screen on faucet spout
- Dimensions without connections: about (WxHxD) 120 x 290 x 122 mm
- Filter housing: PP (Polypropylehn)
- Connecting hose: Silicone
- At the outlet pipe can be installed water vortex
- Easily attached and therefore traveling a practical companion
Scope of supply:
- Complete filter housing (white color) with O-ring
- Special diverter valve with internal thread M22x1 and aerator
- Adaptor M22x1 to M24x1 AG (for valves with internal thread)
- Connecting tube of silicone, white, (pre) 90 cm long
- Stainless steel swivel spout with M22 thread and aerator
- Stainless steel corner bracket with locking screw for the drain pipe (pre-installed)
(Assembled) corner for hose connection -
- Order the right filter for your needs with the same
- Recommended filter elements: Primus ABF, ABF duplex, EM Clario
- Supplied without filter
Attention, important: Do not operate behind unpressurized boiler! Do not connect to a shower faucet! Operate only with cold water!
The individual components are manufactured in accordance with current guidelines of high quality, food-grade and permitted materials.
Alvito Easy Helix Water Purifier Alvito Easy Helix Water Purifier

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Alvito Easy Helix Water Purifier is rated 4.75 of 5 stars by 4 buyers.
  • Sehr gute Qualität 5 of 5 stars! (15.07.2015 20:24)
  • Sehr gut 5 of 5 stars! (18.04.2015 09:30)
  • Das Produkt wird im 2 Personenhaushalt verwendet. Anschluß war denkbar einfach und es funktioniert sehr gut, Wasserqualität ist spürbar besser, leider war das Gerät undicht doch die Firma Alvito sehr schnell und kulant reagiert und ein neues Ersatzteil zugesendet. 4 of 5 stars! (02.01.2015 14:42)
  • Der Wasserfilter ist einfach anzuschließen und zu bedienen. Ein Nachlaufen ist normal und kein Problem. Ist für jeden empfehlenswert, da aus dem Leitungswasser nie alle Stoffe herausgefiltert werden. Der Kaffee schmeckt seitdem intensiver. 5 of 5 stars! (26.06.2014 10:44)

This Product was added to our catalogue on Thursday, 14. February 2013.

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