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Drinking water is sent from the waterworks in a hygienically clean condition on the way. But the piping is long, often old and holds many uncertainties for the water. The Drinking Water Directive does not cover all possible loads of water. For example, drug residues are not mentioned here in the water and therefore not tested. With the patented water filtering CARBONIT® and Alvito you can be sure that the vast majority of potential pollutants will be filtered out. Even drug residues and heavy metals are reliably removed and not leave even when overloaded again! NFP Premium LeistungDie exceptional performance, safety and hygiene of the filter was incidentally independently verified and confirmed by the TÜV. In our tap water many unwanted substances are present. The CARBONIT monoblock filter removes as Heavy metals such as copper and lead, chlorine, drug residues, pesticides and microorganisms, lime and rust particles and many other substances. 

Opinion renowned institutes prove the thorough, chemical-free removal of unwanted substances. The filter does not contain added silver or other chemical disinfectant substances. Dissolved minerals in the water. 
Opt for more security by directly install in the kitchen in the water line a sintered activated carbon filter. Largely eliminate possible charges of your drinking and cooking water eg possible bacteria and also possible drug residues up to 99%. 
And the taste of the water can be significantly improved. Do you drink your tap water again freshly filtered and you can save yourself even the annoying transport of water boxes. 
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